COP 18 Panel

“In a changing world where drastically new business models will be required to adapt to these changes, women can play a major role as the much needed change agents.”
Dr Jeanne Ng, CLP

The panel event that was organized by The Hawthorn Club in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at the UNFCCC COP-18 Climate talks was a great success. Women leaders discussed what overall energy challenges and opportunities they have in the different regions of the world. The panel, titled Women Working in Energy; was held on 29 November in Doha at the Qatar National Convention Centre where the Climate negotiations were taking place.

The discussants included leading women from all over the world, including South Africa, the UAE and China. The COP-18 Climate Conference was attended by some 9,000 delegates and the conference led this year to the adoption of the Doha Climate Gateway. In essence, the Doha Climate Gateway secures the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol to 2020 (and its carbon markets), and reaffirms that negotiations are well on track to deliver a new climate instrument with enhanced mitigation commitments by all countries by 2015, for implementation in 2020.

  • Andrea Bacher, Energy & Environment Manager, ICC
  • Rouda Al Otaiba, Government, Head of the IRENA Section, Directorate and Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE
  • Mandy Rambharos, Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Eskom
  • Dr. Jeanne Ng, Director – Group Environmental Affairs, CLP
  • Tanya Morrison, International Government Relations Manager for Energy and Climate, Shell

 Download the COP18 Panel Recap here.