5 Year Anniversary
London Reception

Wednesday 15 June

The Hawthorn Club’s global network returned to its London roots to celebrate our 5th anniversary with UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP and Lord Stern at the House of Lords.

Members Celebrate 5th Anniversary at the House of Lords

Members Celebrate 5th Anniversary at the House of Lords

The anniversary celebrations marked the coming of age of the Hawthorn Club’s influential international network of senior women in energy and a return to its London roots. Around 40 members from around the world gathered to hear the Grantham Institute’s Lord Stern and UK Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP speak on the importance of women leading global energy transition. They represent a growing network of change agents in the energy sector from in 12 countries from Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia.

  • Angus MacNeil MP, chair of the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Select Committee kindly hosted the evening and joked he like many men had been staggered when he researched his family tree to discover at least half of his ancestors had been important women. He kindly hosted our anniversary event in the House of Commons’ Winston Churchill Room, and spoke warmly of our global network saying, “Women play a huge part in global energy and must play a bigger role in the future”.
  • Lord Stern – introduced as an Honorary HC member for addressing the network three times since launch – spoke about the need for a Bretton Woods level of international collaboration to tackle global climate problem. He said that the energy market was one of the most successful examples of European economic & political integration, providing cleaner, cheaper, more secure energy. Introducing, the DECC Secretary of State, he praised the UK’s often-underestimated leadership and negotiating skills at the UN climate conference in Paris last year which he said was instrumental to securing a global climate accord. He said of the Club, “The Hawthorn Club is an extraordinarily powerful network for energy today. It always sparks current and informed dialogue and the rising number of women now leading the global transition on energy and climate change is not only welcome, but necessary and urgent. I am a proud supporter and honorary gentleman member!”
  • UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP said that she was passionate about women in energy and was only too pleased to commit to addressing the Hawthorn Club network despite diary challenges of her leading role in ensuring the UK remains in Europe ahead of a national vote on 23 June and busy departmental commitments. She said that when she had been awarded her DECC role, the Prime Minister had tasked her with keeping the lights on, keeping bills down, and getting a climate deal in Paris. She said that many other people deserved recognition for the UK’s diplomatic leadership at COP21 but she had been proud to be able to ‘carry the ball over the line’. In the context of her other two priorities, she gave an upbeat and confident overview of the UK and EU diverse and developing energy landscape and said the UK North Sea, UK innovation in energy storage and demand response, and new interconnectors would all be a key part of meeting national energy goals. She praised the growing number of senior women leading careers in energy and said that it was a vital to driving the broadest international exchange on energy transition. She said, “Energy and women are playing a key role in powering The Hawthorn Club’s important international network. It’s great to see a diverse and dynamic debate around energy transition and I salute and support the Hawthorn Club’s influential forum for the growing number of women leading change in the global energy sector.”